Gate is the most important part of the building completion. It should be functional, robust, safe and tailored to the facade. Our offer may meet all of those points. 

In our offer you may find segmental and rolling gates. 

We offer the highest quality segmental gates that will serve you long term comfort. This  very practical and modern solution will enable the space before the garage. 

Its spacious function implies maximal and easy parking space for the car inside the garage as well as parking outside in the driveway. Almost endless ways of finishing enable to create innovative and unique solutions. 

The segmental gates fits perfectly to a variety of garage types and entry width – also double garages. The highest assembly standard guarantees comfort, safety and easy use as well as perfect insulation.  

Thanks to a range of panel colours they meet esthetic expectations of the clients. Featuring high insulation standards, perfect level of sealing, which influences the insulation factors profoundly. The segment shape prevents from accidental fingers injuries.  The gate opens vertically that saves the space in the driveway and a car may be parked  close to the gate. It is essential when the garage is positioned in the vicinity of the busy street, and it increases the level safety considerably. The gate may be one-button operated both automatically and manually.

Variable code transmitter is available at the assembly stage or a RC with a unique code transmission that prevents from opening the gate by an unauthorised person.

The rolling gates is a solution for low ceiling garages and in case of irregular garages and utility rooms.  Thanks to the gate casing installed outside or inside the garage just above the entrance. Side door granting access to the garage and corresponding to the gate colour and profile pressing without the need to open the gate. Veneering nearly all of the parts of the doors enables consistent garage finish. 

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