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As a representative part of the building, windows, are nowadays more than just going to the world. Their individual appearance determines the overall aesthetics of the building, which is why windows, as part of exterior walls, must not only meet the highest quality requirements but be a guarantee of safety. The color, form and functionality are all important for the modern customer.

All you need is information about the window systems offered by Salamander: Brügmann bluEvolution and Salamander, to see that these products meet all the above criteria. In addition, they are available in all technical combinations and designs.

bluEvolution 76 - STREAMLINE

Those who value the highest comfort of living will find the optimal solution in the Salamander Streamline system. Series of profiles combine maximum safety, high thermal and acoustic insulation. Further more, resistant to various external factors and easy to clean window surfaces, made of Salamander plastic, create new standards in terms of longevity and the woodwork surface care. That's all to ensure maximum home comfort.

SALAMANDER STREAMLINE 76 mm – This product is a combination of a classic and rounded sash with a depth of 82 mm with the latest technology ensuring users durability, functionality and very high technical and thermal insulation parameters. It is characterized by a unique snow-white color, shiny profiles made of PVC, are easy to keep clean and resistant to harmful weather conditions.

The five-chamber profile with a depth of 76mm with two gaskets prevents the thermal bridges creation, and thus affect a clear reduction in energy costs. In addition, large internal chambers and steel sections made of galvanized steel ensure excellent stability and reliable operation. The five-chamber frame and sash, combined with a large steel reinforcement, gives a product an excellent strength, and the presence of 2-chamber seals guarantees high tightness of the product, increased thermal insulation parameters (Uf = 1.3 W / m2K) and high sound insulation ( Rw = 36 dB).


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