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VEKA is a sign of the highest quality window profiles known all over the world. In Poland, profiles have been produced for over 20 years at the factory in Skierniewice from raw material supplied by cisterns from the home plant VEKA AG in Germany and have the same quality as those produced in the factories in Germany, Spain, etc. When buying windows with VEKA profiles, you can be sure that we buy the best-class product. But how can you be certain that it is VEKA windows?

Once the windows has already been installed in the building then the only way is to inquire the window producer or by viewing the signature visible on the pane when removed from the frame. It is impossible to view the the producer logo once installed. 

On the other hand before installing you could read the logo yourself. First, the widows leaving the factory are protected with safety foil where VEKA logo is shown. They should reach the building site wrapped in the foil. Second, VEKA marks their products with number signatures. They are as follows: VEKA 103304 EN 12608 SIIA 0022 9 RMa 5501 04 tF 08/05/2014 11:28 that generally read the profile derives from VEKA item number 103304, manufactured in Poland (5501) on 08/05/2014. 

Those are placed onto the window-frame inside (that’s why it is impossible to view it) as well as on the permanent post in the grove ready for fittings.  

Are there any other mark places?  Inside the profile on the line beading? However, as it was stated earlier those are visible once the panes are replaced from the window.

It is worth to remember that VEKA has all quality certificates.


Fully 5-chamber system (5 chambers in the frame profile and 5 chambers in the sash profile) with a fitting depth (or frame width) of 70 mm, providing thermal protection at a very high level. When using a window package with a warm frame, we obtain a heat transfer coefficient Uw = 1.1 W / m2K for the whole window. When using glazing with a lower Ug, it is possible to achieve Uw <1.0 W / m2K. (Data according to DIN-EN 10077, U values refer to windows with dimensions of 1230 x 1480 mm, i.e. of the area 1.82 m

It is possible to use glazing with a thickness of 8 to 42 mm without the need for additional profiles. It is possible to use glazing up to 49 mm.

The thickness of the external walls of the profile is 3 mm (with a tolerance of 0.2 mm), i.e. a parameter complying with the highest RAL Class A standards (PN-EN 12608).

A system of two external gaskets ensuring very good tightness, noise and thermal insulation. Gasket surfaces oriented with a bevel of 15 degrees (identically as profiles) enable excellent drainage of water and dirt.

Proven steel reinforcements that provide excellent stability, long-term window functions and anti-burglary security. The frame has a chamber designed for steel closed reinforcement, in the sash on the other hand – for open double folded reinforcement (unique solution in the window technique). The possibility of building sashes up to 1500 mm wide without additional security.

Design with classic looks and balanced proportions. Subdued, neutral appearance and external contours fit virtually to any facade. Profiles are suitable for bending arcs. It is possible to use one of three types of muntin bars: internal, external, glued or dividing the window structure.

It is possible to mount the additional fittings in the frame and to assemble the supporting elements to have a steel closed cross-section reinforcement.

Firm embedding of the pane in the profile to a depth of 21 mm limits the condensation of the water vapor on the pane and causes that the window is more difficult to force by an unwelcome visitor.

The PERFECTLINE system offers 4 versions: Standard, Swing in the semi-padded option, the other version is a technical variant of the Swing option and the Oval version with a strongly rounded sash edge.


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