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VEKA is a sign of the highest quality window profiles known all over the world. In Poland, profiles have been produced for over 20 years at the factory in Skierniewice from raw material supplied by cisterns from the home plant VEKA AG in Germany and have the same quality as those produced in the factories in Germany, Spain, etc. When buying windows with VEKA profiles, you can be sure that we buy the best-class product. But how can you be certain that it is VEKA windows?

Once the windows has already been installed in the building then the only way is to inquire the window producer or by viewing the signature visible on the pane when removed from the frame. It is impossible to view the the producer logo once installed. 

On the other hand before installing you could read the logo yourself. First, the widows leaving the factory are protected with safety foil where VEKA logo is shown. They should reach the building site wrapped in the foil. Second, VEKA marks their products with number signatures. They are as follows: VEKA 103304 EN 12608 SIIA 0022 9 RMa 5501 04 tF 08/05/2014 11:28 that generally read the profile derives from VEKA item number 103304, manufactured in Poland (5501) on 08/05/2014. 

Those are placed onto the window-frame inside (that’s why it is impossible to view it) as well as on the permanent post in the grove ready for fittings.  

Are there any other mark places?  Inside the profile on the line beading? However, as it was stated earlier those are visible once the panes are replaced from the window.

It is worth to remember that VEKA has all quality certificates. 


Mildly outlined shapes. The lower construction height allows better lighting of the flat.
Multi-chamber construction. Three chambers provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.

Two-surface seals fixed with a 15-degree slope are in line with the profile and guarantee excellent water drainage.

A special gasket with a chamber protects against moisture and air penetration.

The thickness of the profile walls corresponds to the RAL standards.

Perfectly smooth surfaces made of plastic completely resistant to weather conditions and aging, not requiring painting.

The fitting notch located in the 13 mm axis allows for the use of stronger hardware.

The special construction of the sash reinforcement guarantees perfect stability and safety.

Additional ribbing of the frame ensures stable fixing of fittings.

The special design of the front frame chamber ensures excellent water drainage.

The SOFTLINE 82 system offers 3 versions: AD, MD with an additional middle gasket, for more demanding clientele,  including MD in semi-faced option.


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